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Metastable Phases. The three types of equilibrium are stable, metastable, and unstable. From a thermodynamic standpoint, an alloy at equilibrium is at the bottom of a free energy "well." However, there may be many such wells that a system could be in depending on the phases it contains. If it is in the lowest possible well, then it is in stable equilibrium. If it is in a higher well then it is in metastable equilibrium. The system can be in a metastable state for a short time (nanoseconds) or a long time (millions of years). It all depends on the time needed to nucleate and form a more stable phase or phases. Rapid freezing is a common method of producing metastable structures, but some (such as Fe3C, or "cementite") are produced at moderately slow cooling rates. The diagram shows both stable (solid lines) and metastable (dashed lines) equilibrium in the C-Fe system.

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