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Author of Publication, A-B-C Phase Diagram, ASM Alloy Phase Diagrams Database, P. Villars, editor-in-chief; H. Okamoto and K. Cenzual, section editors;, ASM International, Materials Park, OH, 2006.

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The ASM Alloy Phase Diagram Database comprises a subset of data from the Pauling File inorganic Materials Database.


The Alloy Phase Diagram International Commission (APDIC)

Phase diagrams are fundamental to materials science in terms of the extraction of metals, their processing to marketable products, and their end usage. To this end APDIC was formed in 1986, Orlando, Fla., to assist in coordinating international activities for alloy phase diagram assessment. The original aims were to help meet the needs of the world-wide technical community in the field of phase diagrams by coordinating overall objectives for members' programs and publications, establishing priorities in relation to the technological requirements of industry and commerce, coordinating among members to reduce duplication of effort, helping to set quality standards for phase diagram assessment, helping to ensure effective dissemination of data arising from the various programs, and promoting assessment programs world-wide.

Originally consisting of 10 member organizations, with huge support from ASM International and the (then) Institute of Metals, the commission has grown to include 16 members representing 23 countries from North and South America, Europe, and Asia. The original aims of APDIC were largely completed some years ago, with most members' publication programs complete. Achievements as part of this international cooperative effort include over 70 published volumes on binary and ternary alloy systems totaling some 50,000 pages.

APDIC has moved with the times, and has developed into a group working together to exchange information and minimize duplication of effort, and provide top quality databases and phase diagram information for both binary and ternary systems, and real multicomponent commercial systems using the latest technology. APDIC organizes a World Round Robin Seminar (WRRS) series, primarily educational for researchers in industry and students, and presents an annual Best Paper Award and Industrial Award. Information is available via CD and online services.



APDIC Members 2011

Argentine Committee for Phase Diagrams, Argentina

ASM International, USA

Associated Phase Diagram and Thermodynamics Committee, Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Serbia & Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia

Brazilian Committee for Phase Diagrams of Materials, Brazil

Chinese Phase Diagram Committee, China

Groupe de Thermodynamique et Diagrammes de Phases, France

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde, Germany, Austria

The Indian Institute of Metals, India

Department of Chemistry, University of Genova, Italy

Japanese Committee for Alloy Phase Diagrams, Japan

Korean Committee of Thermodynamics and Phase Equilibria, Korea

Materials Science International Services, Germany

The Baikov Institute of Metallurgy, Russia

The Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, UK

Ukrainian Phase Diagrams and Thermodynamics Commission, Ukraine



ASM Alloy Phase Diagrams Database Project Team

The ASM Alloy Phase Diagrams Database annual updates are published by Mary Anne Fleming, Product Manager/Senior Content Developer, APD Publications, and Tracy Kinney, Database Administrator. The Center was initially published in 2006 through the efforts of the ASM Alloy Phase Diagrams Database Project Team, including David Celznick, Project Manager; Mary Anne Fleming, Product Manager; Scott Henry, Sponsor (Content); Denise Smith, Marketing & Sales; Mary Jo Serrino & C2S Team, Developers; Bill Raley, Information Technology; and Steve Weiss, Sponsor (Information Technology).

Deep appreciation is expressed to the following ASM staff who contributed to the initial publication of this Center in various ways throughout the development and testing phases:
James Marder, Leslie Chom, Fran Cverna, Sally Fahrenholz-Mann, Robert Morman, Madrid Tramble, William W. Scott (retired)

Editorial Staff

Pierre Villars
Material Phases Data System, Vitznau, Switzerland

Section editors
Hiroaki Okamoto
Asahi University, Gifu, Japan

Karin Cenzual
Department of Inorganic, Analytical, and Applied Chemistry Geneva University, Switzerland
Scientific Consulting Company Structure-Properties
UA-79026 Lviv, Ukraine


Alan Prince (deceased)

Thaddeus B. Massalski
Carnegie Mellon University

Yaroslav Galadzhun
Vitaliy Dubenskyy
Igor Savysyuk
Oleh Shcherban
Scientific Consulting Company Structure-Properties
UA-79026 Lviv, Ukraine

Deep appreciation for their contribution is extended to:

Umberto Villars
Grithli Heer
Renata Steiner
Luzia Steiner
Ruth Burkart
Ruth Galliker
Material Phases Data System
CH-6354 Vitznau, Switzerland

Mariya Dzevenko
Nataliya Muts
Stanislav Stoiko
Anastasiya Tuhay
Oksana Zaremba
Olexiy Zhbankov
Scientific Consulting Company Structure-Properties
UA-79026 Lviv, Ukraine


The Alloy Phase Diagram Committee of ASM International

This product could not have been created without the support and input of the ASM Alloy Phase Diagram Committee. The Alloy Phase Diagram Committee oversees and guides ASM's involvement in alloy phase diagram data activities. It is responsible for monitoring the scopes of ASM and International Programs and ASM’s input into those scopes, for monitoring the technical standards of ASM's products from these programs, for liaison with other alloy phase diagram committees, such as the Alloy Phase Diagram International Commission.

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ASM Alloy Phase Diagrams Center, P. Villars, editor-in-chief; H. Okamoto and K. Cenzual, section editors;, ASM International, Materials Park, OH, USA, 2006-2016