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The ASM Alloy Phase Diagram Database allows subscribers to explore, search and view more than 36,500 binary and ternary phase diagrams and associated phase data for more than 6200 systems from their Web browsers.

To get started, enter one or more elements in the boxes at the top of the screen and click Go, or select Explore to browse by elements and systems, or select Search to build targeted queries.

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The crosshair tool helps users determine specific temperature and composition coordinates within phase diagrams. To use the crosshair tool, open the full display of a binary or ternary phase diagram. Next, click on the diagram image, or select "Zoom/enlarge image." An enlarged image of the diagram will open in a separate window. Select the "Enable crosshairs" checkbox to enable and disable the crosshair tool. When enabled, crosshairs will appear, and the center point will follow your mouse. To place the crosshairs at a specific point, move the center point to the desired location and click. Click anywhere on the diagram to enable crosshair movement again. If you select "Print this view" while crosshairs are on the diagram, they will appear in the printout. If you zoom in on the diagram, the crosshairs will disappear, but they can be enabled again at the zoomed-in view.

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